Over the past few years prior to moving to Georgia, I was very active working with models in the Scottsdale Arizona area.  Very often I would enter their images into various contests through Model Mayhem.  Model Mayhem is a site specifically designed to bring photographers, models, and retouch artists together within a common site.  This site has several hundred thousand members from all over the world.  Many photographers like myself were (are) very active in the various photo competitions which take place on a daily basis.  The voting takes place by the members and you cannot vote for your own entry.

Below I have attached a link to my Model Mayhem page so that you may see much more of my work with models.  Additionally you can see that I was quite fortunate to have won over 700 contests while I was active.  Please know that my photography is quite diverse and often included "implied" images and artistic prints.  If interested in seeing such works, please click on the link below and take a look.  Thank you!