THE OLD MILL HOLE at Whiddon Mill Pond


THE OLD MILL HOLE is one amazing, beautiful and historic place in South Georgia.  This 2016 photograph in itself is quite rare as few people have ever touched eyes on this spot. In the late 1800's Whiddon Mill became the center of commerce in the country side of Tifton, GA.  There was a bustling and vibrant community which surrounded Whiddon Mill Grocery and Mill House.  The immediate area was home for many people  who lived and worked on the local farm/s.  Right across from where the old mill store sat was the "HAT" Georgia post office.  Today the old post office building and another one or two structures from the farm have been donated to the Georgia Agroamma.  This print is a LIMITED EDITION print and ONLY 20 signed and numbered copies will be made available.